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Saxon Electric Solar Services

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  • Maximize your investment
  • Minimize your cost
  • Increase property value
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Go green, save money!
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Our sales and design team will create the perfect solar system for your home. Solar makes sense in all different types of settings and we will show you why it makes sense for you. We cut straight to the chase without any unnecessary up-selling.


We handle all of the design, permits and paperwork process from start to finish. This means you don’t have to spend time putting the construction “puzzle” pieces together, just leave it all up to us!


We have the tested and refined process to get your project done on time and on budget. Our project management and installation team is seasoned in projects of all shapes and sizes. Trust Saxon Electric Solar as the solar company that delivers!

Lets Get Started!

Why Choose Saxon Electric For Solar?

Stop the power plants, start the savings, and the environment and your wallet will love you.
When you install solar on your home, you become your own power plant. That’s one less smoke stack the utility companies need to build. Cleaner skies are right over the horizon, all thanks to you. Our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to get you started with solar, hassle free. All you need to tell us is how much you want to save every month and we make it happen.
What it takes to go solar.
We provide a full service approach to all of our solar installations. We handle all of the paperwork, permits, and inspections needed to get you up and running. Our installers have the know how to get the job done quickly, efficiently and neatly.
• Do you own your home?
• Is your roof facing south, east, or west?
• Are there any trees or buildings shading your roof?
Contact us for a free evaluation HERE
• We will create a simple to understand solar proposal for you.
• We’ll also take a trip out to your home to meet and verify your roof.
• We’ll talk about your payment options and the current incentives available for solar
• In most cases you have two ways to pay for your solar installation:
• Cash purchase – Lock in your cost of electricity while making a smart equity investment in your home.
• There are incentives at the state and federal levels just for those who choose to go solar on their home
• Get 30% of the purchase price back as a tax credit
• Other incentives vary by city, county, and utility service provider
• Get it installed
Turn it on and start saving immediately!
• Once we turn your system on, you will see the savings start to stack up. Everyday with solar is another day less of overpriced energy dependence.